The Disappointing Absence of Princess Daisy in the Super Mario Movie: A Fan’s Perspective

The upcoming Super Mario movie has been the subject of much speculation and debate, with many fans expressing their concerns about the adaptation of the beloved video game franchise to the big screen. While some have been excited about the film, others have been more skeptical, citing the risks associated with adapting video games to other media formats and the perceived lack of narrative depth in the Mario franchise.

Mario Movie

One fan who has been particularly vocal about their disappointment with the Super Mario movie is a fan of the character Princess Daisy. The fan believes that Daisy has been unfairly overlooked in the Mario franchise, despite being a core part of the series for many years. The fan is particularly disappointed that Daisy does not appear to have a significant role in the upcoming film, despite the fact that lesser characters like Toad and Kamek have been given significant screen time.

The fan’s disappointment with the Super Mario movie reached a new level when a recent trailer revealed the Sand Kingdom, a location from the Super Mario Odyssey game. The fan initially thought that the Sand Kingdom might be a reference to Sarasaland, the kingdom ruled by Princess Daisy, but was disappointed to learn that this was not the case. The fan believes that Daisy has been unfairly relegated to secondary roles in the Mario franchise, and that her absence from the Super Mario movie is indicative of a larger problem with the way that Daisy is treated by Nintendo.

Despite her absence from the Super Mario movie, the fan remains hopeful that Daisy will eventually be given her due. The fan suggests that Daisy could be featured in a sequel to the Super Mario movie, with the film focusing on her adventures in Sarasaland. The fan even has a dream casting choice in mind: Florence Pugh, who has earned critical acclaim for her performances in films like Little Women and Midsommar.

Overall, the fan’s disappointment with the Super Mario movie speaks to a larger issue with the way that certain characters are treated in the Mario franchise. While Mario and Luigi are the faces of the franchise, there are many other characters who have played important roles in the games over the years. Princess Daisy is just one example of a character who has been unfairly overlooked, and it is a shame that she will not be featured in the upcoming film. However, there is always hope for the future, and fans can continue to advocate for their favorite characters to get the recognition they deserve.



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