Derek Carr finds new home with the New Orleans Saints, shakes up NFL quarterback landscape

According to recent reports, Derek Carr, the former quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders, has found his new home with the New Orleans Saints. While there was speculation that Carr might join the New York Jets, sources say he will instead be joining the Saints. This news has caused mixed reactions among fans, with some celebrating while others are panicking.

The Saints are coming off a 7-10 season under head coach Dennis Allen, and with Sean Payton and Drew Brees out of the picture, they will be looking to regain dominance in the division. With Carr as their new quarterback, many believe the Saints now possibly have the best quarterback in the division. Carr hasn’t thrown for less than 20 touchdowns in a season since 2018 and reached the playoffs in 2021.

The move to the Saints also ends a period of teams competing for both Derek Carr and Aaron Rodgers. Since the Super Bowl, fans, pundits, and general managers have been fixated on the sweepstakes, but now with Carr out of the picture, Rodgers’ choices have narrowed. If Rodgers is done with the Packers, he won’t need to compete with Carr to win over the team, and for the Jets, it appears that their options would be Rodgers or a drop-off to other veterans or a return to the NFL Draft.

It remains unclear what Aaron Rodgers’ decision will be, but the Packers have set a goal of March 15th to find a resolution to the situation. However, with Derek Carr off the board, many are wondering if the team will move up their timeline. If the Packers do lose Rodgers, they will have to find a replacement, and they may be forced to look to the NFL Draft or other veteran options.

Overall, the news of Derek Carr joining the Saints has set off a chain reaction among fans, with many speculating on how this move will affect other teams. The Saints now have a new quarterback, and with Aaron Rodgers’ future still uncertain, the quarterback landscape in the NFL is up in the air.



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