Brahmastra Part-2: Director Ayan Mukerji Promises Sequel Won’t Take 10 Years, Hopes for Faster Release

Ayan Mukerji, the director of the film ‘Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva’, took almost 10 years to complete the film. However, in his latest interview, he assured fans that the sequel, ‘Brahmastra: Part Two – Dev’, won’t take that long. The first part of the fantasy saga was a box office hit, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the sequel, which was teased at the end of the movie. The cast of the film is rumoured to include Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, and Ranveer Singh in lead roles, but there has been no official confirmation about this.

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Ayan Mukerji has stated that the sequel will take a “couple of years” to complete, which he jokingly says is “100% better than ten years.” He has also promised fans that the sequel will be released soon. In an earlier interview, he had said that he hopes to release the film by 2025, even though it’s a tough timeline, considering how long it took to make the first part. He also mentioned that he has learned how to make these kinds of films better and faster.

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Although ‘Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva’ was loved by fans and the film industry, some critics were not impressed with it. Ayan Mukerji admitted in an interview that the movie was more of a popular film and not one to win awards. Even Ranbir Kapoor, who played the lead in the film, shared a similar opinion when he won the best actor trophy for his role in the film at an award show. He thanked the organisers but also stated that he didn’t believe he deserved the award, as he didn’t do any “great acting” in the film.

In summary, fans can look forward to the sequel of ‘Brahmastra’, which will be completed in a shorter time than the first part. The film’s cast has yet to be officially confirmed, but there are rumours of some big names joining the project. While the first part was a hit among fans, it did not receive critical acclaim, but the director and lead actor both believe that they have learned from their experience and will do better in the sequel.



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